Family Group Sheet

Name Lars-Gunnar Gunnarsson “Lasse” Federley
Birth 5 Apr 1946, Helsinki/Helsingfors
Occupation Yrittäjä/Företagare Sukututkija/Släktforskare
Education Ylioppilas/Student
Father Gunnar “Fedi” Federley (1912-1993)
Mother Ziri Pearl “Sippus” Vinocour (1914-1959)
Misc. Notes
Lars has done the Federley family reaserach starting 1 November 1999. In spring 2000 he launched and printed the first Federley book together with a printed familtree which contained over 1000 names including all the persons who were born with the name Federley. In June 2000 he arranged a Family Reunion party in Hämeennlinna Castle. Alltogether 256 relatives joined this party during which a memorial tumb stone for our ancestor Anton Federley (1696 - 1742) was revealed at Old Tyrväntö church cemetary in Lepaa. The next party shall be held in Aulanko on June 7th 2003. Before that a remarkable update of the Federley homepage will be done with more than 4000 persons. In the end of 2003 Lars finally found the birthplace of our Ancestor Anton Federley in Augsburg/Germany. 8 more generations could thus be added to the family whereas the oldest is Anton’s greatgrandfather Ulrich born 1544 in Edenbergen close to Augsburg.
At the death of Ulrich Federle 10 Dec 1628 the priest wrote that his father was Hans and his father was Jerg. Thus three more genrations could be added.
The second Federley book will be issued in 2010.
CW. In 1964 Lars worked for Oy A.W., Enbom Ab who started to install the first remote heating systems in Helsinki. After his military service (oversergeant) 1965-1966, Lars started his studies in Tekniska Läroverket in Helsingfors. After one year he however left the institute and start working for IBM Finland 1967-1981. One of the most interesting and demanding projects at IBM was the automization of the Air traffic control system both for the Finnish Air Defence and Civil authorities. On June the 4th 1981 Lars bought 100% of the shares in Karl Larkl Ltd. founded on May 23 1923 by Karl Lark, Lars’ father in law. On May 23d 1983 Lars founded together with Heikki Lehmusto and Christer Norrman the company International Computer Brokers Ltd. In 1985 Nokia became a major shareholder in the ICB. Lars acted as chairman and the Nokia managing director Kalle Isokallio was one of the board members. On December 31st 1988 Lars bought100% of the shares in ICB. Later he splitted the company into two differnet companies, MAL Ltd. ( and Tradec-brokers Ltd. ( In 2000 MAL was bought by its managing director Magnus Lönnqvist and Tradec of its managing director Peter Hammer. Lars remained as board member in both companies.
In 1990 Lars founded 4 companies with local partners in the Sovjet Union. In Moscow/Russia, Helimex Ltd. In Vilnius/Lithuania New Glance Ltd. In Riga/Latvia WESS Ltd. and in Tallinn/Estonia Karl Lark Eesti Ltd. A while later Russia Lithuania Latvia and Estonia became independent states. Lars still ownes Karl Lark Ltd. and Karl Lark Estonia. The rest of the companies are prosperous and owned by their management.
The island Baggsövdö far out in the western archipelago is the place where Lars is spending his leasure time regardless which time of the year it is. After the divorce 1991 he took care of his children Titina 5 and Daniel 13.
Divorce 6 Dec 1991
Spouse Hannele Monica* Lark
Birth 13 Mar 1951, Helsinki/Helsingfors
Occupation YO Merkonomi/Stud. Merkonom
Father Karl Lark (1896-1974)
Mother Heli Kaarina “Kaija” Ant-Wuorinen (1919-1983)
Misc. Notes
Her name is today Monica Lark-Federley
1 M Karl Daniel* Federley
Birth 15 Jun 1977, Helsinki/Helsingfors
Occupation Lukion Opettaja/Gymnasielärare/High School Teacher
Misc. Notes
He owns a company Oy Stadin Ratikat Ab which is running the number Tram 339 in Helsinki.
The tram was build in 1955 and was totally renovated in Estonia in Tallinn by Tallinna trammipark.
This is the first private tram in Helsinki. In 2013 he started a regular Museum tram traffic in Helsinki during summer weekends. The motorwagon Nr 50 was built by Allmenna Elaktiebolaget i Westerås (ASEA today ABB) and deliveredred to Helsinki in 1909. The open wagon nr 233 was built by Sandvikens skeppsdocka (Shipyard) in Helsinki and was dekviered in 1919. It was a replika from the first open wagons delivered frome ASEA in Västerås.
2 F Ziri Titina* Alexandra Federley
Birth 8 Dec 1984, Helsinki/Helsingfors
Misc. Notes
She owns a horse Banco de Bilbao born in Denmark in 1982. In the horse parade held in Helsinki in May 2003 Titina was dressed like Pippi Långstrump (Longstocking) and Banco acted as Lilla Gubben = Pippi’s horse. Banco was a Schimmel, white with dark brown dots. He died 26 Nov 2005 and is buried in the forest belonging to Pietilän tila in Kataloisten kylä in Lammi.
The Welsh Cob Pony Totta King Offa born in Porvoo/Borgå on the May 5 in 1997. He came to Titina in 2005.
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