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Name Berndt Federley
Birth 22 Dec 1799, Sund Berg Åland
Death 13 Jan 1863, Helsinki/Helsingfors
Occupation Senaattori/Senator Guvernööri/Guvernör
Father Anton Christoffer XI Federley (1761-1819)
Mother Helena Elisabeth Hjort (1774-1844)
Misc. Notes
He was Guvernor of Vaasa/Vasa Vasa burned 1852. BF asked murmästare Karl Axel Zetterberg to make the new drawings for the town to be rebuild. As Senator he became wellknown fighting for the Swedish language to be the major language in parliament. They stayed in Ala-Lemun Kartano which was owned by Aurora Richters father Carl Fredrik Rchter and his wife Hedvig Maragreta von Haartman whose brother was known as “His Cruelty” Lars Gabriel von Haartman. You may read (in Finnish) about the history of ala-lemun Kartano outside Turku on
Marriage 10 Dec 1833, Helsinki/Helsingfors
Spouse Hedvig Fredrika Aurora Richter
Birth 10 Jan 1813, Turku/Åbo
Death 31 Jul 1893, Helsinki/Helsingfors
Father Carl Fredrik Richter (1782-1858)
Mother Hedvig Margareta von Haartman (1790-1866)
Misc. Notes
She moved to the Demntjeff house on Katajannokka/Skatudden in Helsinki/Helsingfors after her husband’s death. Their lived also her unmarried daughter Anna and her other daughetr Lovisa Estlander after becoming a widow. Source the book Demntjeffin Kiwikartano by Lasse Raustela. Inforamation given by Christer Gripenberg who lived in the apartment where Aurora Federley used to live in. Christer is a friend of the family genealogist and he is also a competitor to Lars as Christer is the founder of Nordic Cosmetis ltd which he sold to Scandinavian Cosmetis in sweden in 2008.
1 F Hedvig Elisabeth Federley
Birth 24 Dec 1834, Helsinki/Helsingfors
Death 22 Sep 1858, Kaarina/St. Karins
Burial Sep 1858, Turku/Åbo
Misc. Notes
Her grave can be seen in the old Turku cemetary. The text on the stone says: Till minne öfver Hedvig Elisabet Nordenstreng född Federley död den 22 sept 1858 i sitt 24de levnadsår älskande och älskad maka, moder, dotter och syster. She was baptised Jan 31,1835
Spouse Hjalmar Sebastian Nordenstreng
Marriage 11 Jan 1857, Helsinki/Helsingfors
2 F Helena Aurora Federley
Birth 24 Jan 1837, Helsinki/Helsingfors
Death 13 Aug 1920, Helsinki/Helsingfors
Misc. Notes
In the HisKi books her name is Hedvig Fredrika Aurora Federley. It is hardly the right name since it is exactly her mothers maiden name.
Spouse Carl Gustaf Estlander
Marriage 28 Aug 1860, Kaarina/St. Karins
3 F Anna Karolina Federley
Birth 15 Oct 1838, Helsinki/Helsingfors
Death 17 Mar 1907, Helsinki/Helsingfors
Misc. Notes
Her grave is preserved on the old cemetary of Helsinki. She was not married and had no children.
She lived with her mother Aurora Federley and sister Lovisa Etslander in the Dementjeff house on Skatuden in Helsinki. Source the book Demntkjeffin Kiwikartano Lasse raustela. Inforamtion given by Christer Gripenberg who today lives in the apartment where Aurora Fedrley lived in.
4 F Sigrid Margaretha Federley (Died as Infant)
Birth 18 Dec 1841, Helsinki/Helsingfors
Death 19 Sep 1858, Helsinki/Helsingfors
5 M Carl Bernhard “Berndt” Federley
Birth 13 Feb 1844, Helsinki/Helsingfors
Death 17 Aug 1906, Helsinki/Helsingfors
Occupation Rautatiehallitus/Järnvägsstyrelsen Toimistojohtaja/Byråsdirektör
Misc. Notes
In the daily magazine Helsingin Sanomat 1Jul 2003 there is an article telling about Georg Strömberg going on pension the 1 Jul 1803. He was the General Manager and the pioner for the railroads in Finland. A special celebration party to thank Mr Strömberg was held in restaurant Kaivohuone in Helsinki to honour his more than 50 years work for the railroads. The speach to thank him was held by Director Carl Bernhardt Federley. The fiorst railroad in Finland was opened 1862 and it went from Helsinki to Hämeenlinna to where the distance is approx. 100Km. The article is kept in Lars Federley’s archive. A completely other type of interest Verdndt showed in his article from 1844,
Women’s rights in Finland. An article published by Pirkko K. Koskinen in Tidskrift av juridiska föreninegn i Finland, is analyzing C.B. Federley’s wiewes in a evry broad perspective. Finland being an autonom part of Russia was in the impact of both Russian law and Swedish law at that time. Sources teh said article.
Spouse Anna Maria Sirén
Marriage 15 Aug 1871, Hauho
6 F Lovisa Rosina Federley
Birth 22 Aug 1846, Kaarina/St Karins
Death 30 Jan 1923, Messina Italy
Misc. Notes
She had a passport issued in Turku/Åbo at 17 Sept 1889. After her husband’s death she moved to the Dementjeff house in Skatudden Helsinki where also her sister Anna and her mother Aurora Federley lived as a widow. Source the book Demntjeffin Kiwikartano by Lasse Raustela. Information given by Christer Gripengerg who today lives in the apartement where Aurora Federley lived in.
Spouse Jakob August Estlander
Marriage 28 Jun 1867, Helsinki/Helsingfors
7 M Georg Gottfrid Federley
Birth 29 Jun 1850, Kaarina/St Karins
Death 1 Aug 1920, Helsinki/Helsingfors
Occupation Pääjohatja/Disponent Suomen Sokeri/Finska Socker.
Misc. Notes
The Finnish Sugar company was founded by Feodor Kiseleff whiowas married to Siri Federley. The company was located in the present center of Helsinki, along the senate squrse, in the Kiseleff house which is one of the oldest stone buildings in Helsinki. He was one of the founders of Finska sjöförsäkringsaktiebolaget/Suomen Merivakuutusosakeyhtiö andd Högre svenska handelsläroverket and the company Börs (Pörssi/Stock Excahnge)
Spouse Aline Olga Elisabeth Bandholtz
Marriage 8 Jul 1876, Viipuri/Wyborg Deutsche Gemeinde
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