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Name Johannes “Juho” Federley
Birth 22 Jun 1881, Pyhäjärvi/Wiborg
Death 7 Feb 1974, Heinola
Father Anders Henrik Fabian Federley (1833-1892)
Mother Brita Kuronen (1848-1881)
Misc. Notes
Juho was less than one month old when his mother Brita died. Juho’s father died when Juho was only 11 years old. After that Juho’s uncle Carl Johan Felix Federley took care of Juho.
Juho and Helena moved moved from Pyhäjärvi to Kauvatsa 28 Oct 1949. He was the owner of the Linnanvahti estate which was inherited from his grandfather Bror Magnus. Helena and Juho was having the biggest Federley famlily in modern times. They had 40 grandchildren. Thanks to Juho and Helena the Federley surname is occuring widely today.
Marriage 8 Dec 1901
Spouse Helena Vesikko
Birth 10 Sep 1882, Pyhäjärvi/Wiborg
Death 22 Aug 1972, Heinola
Father Matts “Matti” Vesikko (1855-1924)
Mother Maria Paukkunen (1848-1927)
1 M Arvi Federley
Birth 12 Jan 1903, Pyhäjärvi/Wiborg
Death 8 May 1974, Kotka
Occupation Ylikontsaapeli/Överkonstalpe Poliisimestari/Polismästare Nimismies/Länsman Sortavala/Soradavala
Misc. Notes
From the age of seven he lived by Olga Maria and Juha Pärssinen. After Juhana Pärssinens death
Olga officially adopted Arvi 19 Apr 1926. Olga was the daughter of Fredrik Gustav Wilhelm Federley and Liisa Nokelainen. Arvi and Aini moved with their children to Kotka 16 Sep 1949.
Spouse Aini Imeläinen
Marriage 17 May 1942
2 M Aleksander “Aleka” Federley
Birth 3 Jan 1905, Pyhäjärvi/Wiborg
Death 9 Jun 1989, Heinola
Occupation Liikemies/Affärsman
Misc. Notes
Aleksander ja Martta muuttivat Käkisalmesta/Kerxholm 9 Oct 1948 to Salo.
Spouse Martta Johanna Turunen
Marriage 21 Sep 1930
3 M Lauri Johannes Federley
Birth 11 Jul 1906, Pyhäjärvi/Wiborg
Death 4 Jun 1979, Heinola
Misc. Notes
Lauri ja Tyyne moved from Käkisalmi/Kexholm 31 Dec 1949 to Heinola. He was awarded a medal of honour during second world war. Of some reason this medal was never handed over to him.
Source 033
Spouse Selma Virolainen
Spouse Tyyne Maria Tiira
Marriage 28 Aug 1932
Spouse Jenny Selma Väyrinen
4 M Oscar “Oskari” Federley
Birth 18 Jun 1908, Pyhäjärvi/Wiborg
Death 29 Jan 1996, Helsinki/Helsingfors
Misc. Notes
Oscar moved 8 Oct 1940 to Helsinki/Helsingfors Sörnäisten seurakunta/Sörnäs församling.
Spouse Ellen Sofia Ek
5 M Erkki Federley
Birth 4 Aug 1911, Pyhäjärvi/Wiborg
Death 8 Jun 1966, Valkeakoski
Misc. Notes
He moved to Tyrvää/Tyrvis 26 Mar 1946. He was awarded Memorial Medal during second world war. Of some reason theis medal was never handed over to him. Source
Spouse Anna-Liisa Lantee
6 M Sulo Federley
Birth 2 Mar 1914, Pyhäjärvi/Wiborg
Death 20 May 1954, Valkeakoski
Misc. Notes
Sulo moved from Konho/Akaa to Valkeakoski 9 Mar 1949 and at that time he was divorced from Kerttu. He drawned during a fishing trip on Lake Mallasvesi near Valkeakoski where he lived.
Spouse Kerttu Siviä Töhönen
Marriage 9 Apr 1939
Spouse Anfiisa Pulkkinen
Spouse Linda Maria Brand
7 F Olga Maria Federley
Birth 22 Oct 1916, Pyhäjärvi/Wiborg
Death 24 Jul 2002, Suolahti
Burial 17 Aug 2002, Suolahti
Misc. Notes
She moved to Metsäpirtt 21 May 1938. and on the next day she married Mikko. They moved from Metsäpirtti to Valkeakoski 17 Jan 1941.
Spouse Mikko Peiju
Marriage 22 May 1938
8 M Eino Johannes Federley
Birth 19 Dec 1918, Pyhäjärvi/Wiborg
Death 9 Oct 1944, Soukkajärvi Lappland
Misc. Notes
He was killed in Lappland during the last days of the war.
Spouse Mirjam Eliisa Vinkka
Marriage 20 Jul 1941
9 M Antero Federley
Birth 20 Feb 1921, Pyhäjärvi/Wiborg
Death 25 Sep 2002, Ontario Canada
Misc. Notes
Antero moved to Rovaniemi 19.6.1948. He emigrated with his wife and 4 children from Rovaniemi to Ontario in Canada.
Antero’s wife Hellin and all the children arriwed to Ontario Canada on the 28th of June 1958. Antero arriwed a couple of months before
Spouse Hellin Lemmitty Järvinen
Marriage Aug 1948, Rovaniemi
10 F Saima “Saimi” Helena Federley
Birth 10 Jul 1923, Pyhäjärvi/Wiborg
Death 17 Jun 2003, Imatra
Misc. Notes
She moved to Imatra 6.10.1949.
Spouse Tauno Tomperi
Spouse Lauri Veikko Hämäläinen
11 M Ilmari Federley
Birth 11 Jan 1926, Käkisalmi/Kexholm
Death 25 Jul 2014, Helsinki/Helsingfors
Occupation Driver/Chaufför
Misc. Notes
He moved to Kauvatsa 28.10.1949. Later he lived in Helsinki at the address Mariankatu 12 where as
I, Lars lived at Mariankatu 10. Living next door with a Federley and neither of us knew about it! Funny enough is that Ilmari and my father Gunnar looked very much alike. Same length same hair
same nose. I used to visit a friend Esa in Ilmari’s house but I never read the list of surnames which appears in every high building in Helsinki. It was close but not close enough:)
Ilmar used to be the privet driver for Antti Wihuri a remarkable entrepeneur who founded the Wihuri Company which became a major global multibusiness enterprice with t’s headquraters in Finland. At that time, 1950ies Ilmari lived in the Wihuri house at Kulosaari/Brändö in Helsinki. Today Wihuri has 4700 employees and the turnover is 1,4 billion euros.
Spouse Anja Hilkka Anneli Toukomäki
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