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Name Bror Magnus Federley
Birth 21 Aug 1792, Turku/Åbo
Death 12 Feb 1834, Pyhäjärvi/Wiborg Ivaskensaari
Burial 23 Feb 1834, Pyhäjärvi/Wiborg Ivaskensaari
Occupation Kirjuri/Skrivare Viipurin Kejasarillisen Linnavankilan Vahtimestari/Fångvaktmästare vid Viborgs kejserliga slottsfängelse
Father Johan XI Gustaf Federley (1759-1808)
Mother Katarina Eleonora Halling (1766-1803)
Misc. Notes
Bror Magnus grew up in Sahalahti where his father was rewerend and from Sahalahti he moved to Harju. From Harju Tohloppi Raso he moved to Kalanti/Nykyrka and from there he moved to Halikko Lambola village 26.10.1813. In Kalanti/Nykyrka he lived at his sibbling’s, Anton Grönlund’s family. He went to communion there 17 Jan 1813. He moved from Halikko Yttelä to Turku/Åbo 15.1.1814. In the ancestry report (Wilskman) from 31 Jan 1912 Bror Magnus disappeared 1822 “somewhere”. He actually moved from Wyborg 112 kilometers east to Pyhäjärvi Vpl. Finland lost this area to Russia during World War II. From 1822 to 1941 90 persons were born Federley in Pyhäjärvi. 4 of the Federleys had moved to St Petersburg already during the 17th century and the rest moved to varoius places in Finland in 1941 when the area was abandoned.
Marriage 12 Nov 1818, Viipuri/Wiborg
Spouse Johanna Charlotta Carlsson
Birth 15 Mar 1798, ? Sweden
Death 24 Jun 1860, Pyhäjärvi/Wiborg
Burial 29 Jun 1860, Pyhäjärvi/Wiborg
Father Carl Carlsson (1753-1806)
Mother Maria Elisabeth Sirelius (1765-1832)
Misc. Notes
She lived in Ivaskensaari Village when she married.
1 M Karl Johan Phocas Federley (Died as Infant)
Birth 21 Jan 1820, Viipuri/Wiborg
Death 28 Feb 1820, Viipuri/Wiborg
Burial 1 Mar 1820, Viipuri/Wiborg
2 M Alexander Fridolf Federley
Birth 29 Mar 1821, Viipuri/Wiborg
Death 1 May 1869, St. Petersburg Russia
Burial 4 May 1869, St Petersburg Russia Wolkowo cemetary
Occupation Valokuvaaja/Fotograf
Misc. Notes
He was the eldest child in the family and only 13 years of age when his father died and at this age he walked to St Petersburg 14 Jan 1835. The St. Catharina community in St. Petersburg has received his a immigrant certificate 10 Jan 1838. He worked as a bookbinder and later as a photographer called himself Photographer from Pyhäjärvi. He was married secondly with S. W. Thornberg. The announcement for marriage took place on the 27 jan 1863. His first wife was dead at that time and the deed of posessions is mentioned but not find yet. It is quite possible that the first wife belonged to the ortodox community since she is not mentioned in the St Catherina community books. Sources: papers of Harry Federley (1879 - 1951) and research of the books in The St Catherina Community in St P. Source A. N-P. He is buried in the wolkowo cemetary in St P amnd the place of the grave is known.
Spouse Mrs. Unknown
Spouse Serafia Vilhelmina Thornberg
Marriage 3 Feb 1863, St. Petersburg Russia
3 M Fredrik Gustaf Wilhelm “Fritz” Federley
Birth 9 Feb 1823, Pyhäjärvi/Wiborg Ivaskensaari
Death 13 Oct 1897, Pyhäjärvi/Wiborg
Spouse Liisa Nokelainen
Marriage 15 Jul 1849, Käkisalmi Wuohensalo
4 M Magnus Leopold Constantin Federley
Birth 2 May 1825, Pyhäjärvi/Wiborg Ivaskensaari
Death 28 Jan 1849, Pyhäjärvi/Wiborg Ivaskensaari
Burial 5 Feb 1849, Pyhäjärvi/Wiborg Ivaskensaari
Occupation Jahtivouti/Jaktfogde
Spouse Catharina “Katri” Tenkanen
Marriage 26 Jun 1848, Sakkola Vpl
5 F Catharina Emilia Elisabet Federley
Birth 5 May 1827, Pyhäjärvi/Wiborg Ivaskensaari
Death ? , St. Petersburg Russia
Misc. Notes
She went to St. Petersburg in Russia.
Spouse Mr. Krasillnikoff
6 M Carl Johan Felix Federley
Birth 10 Apr 1829, Pyhäjärvi/Wiborg Ivaskensaari
Death 9 Sep 1898, Pyhäjärvi/Wiborg
Misc. Notes
He was called Viiles Veeli and lived in Ivaskensaari village when he married Leena Mustonen. When he later married Liisa Jäppinen he still lived in Ivaskensaari.
Spouse Leena Mustonen
Marriage 27 Jan 1850
Spouse Liisa Jäppinen
Marriage 23 Oct 1868
7 M Anders Christian Woldemar Federley (Died as Infant)
Birth 12 May 1831, Pyhäjärvi/Wiborg Ivaskensaari
Death 5 Feb 1833, Pyhäjärvi/Wiborg Ivaskensaari
Burial 14 Feb 1833, Pyhäjärvi/Wiborg Ivaskensaari
8 M Anders Henrik Fabian Federley
Birth 3 Jun 1833, Pyhäjärvi/Wiborg Ivaskensaari
Death 19 Mar 1892, Pyhäjärvi/Wiborg
Occupation Tilanomistaja/Lägenhetsinnehavare
Misc. Notes
He lived in Ivaskensaari est. Nr 2 when he married Maria Wanhanen.
Spouse Maria Wanhanen
Marriage 30 Oct 1859, Sortanlahti
Spouse Brita Kuronen
Marriage 21 Jan 1866, Salitsanranta
Spouse Brita Paajanen
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