Second Generation

Family of Federlin (1)

2. Hans I “Johannes” Federlin. Born ? 1345. Hans I “Johannes” died in 1404 - 1420; he was 59.

The Genealogist Siegfried Federle writes: Our Ancestor Hans Vettterlin or Veterlin or Federlin is noticed the first time in 1375, then 1379 and 1390 in the “Salsbuch” the Monestary Keisheim (Donauwörth) as owner of a a “Hofstatt in Rammingen at Ulm/Donau. He came there between 1369 and 1375. In 1377 started the building of the Ulm dome. In a purchase deed from 1404 was mentioned “Federle´s land and meadows in Lindenau Rammingen”. On 7 May 2007 I found together with Mr Martin Kreder, Hans Vederlin mentioned in the Klosterbuch von Kaisheim 1379. Augsburg Staatsarchiv.

Hans I “Johannes” married Agnes Walle.

They had one child:
3 i. Ulrich II (?1385-?1440)

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