Third Generation

Family of Hans I “Johannes” Federlin (2) & Agnes Walle

3. Ulrich II Federlin. Born ? 1385 in Wengen Germany. Ulrich II died in Wengen Germany, ? 1440; he was 55.

Roman Catholic. He is also named Vederlin. He is mentioned in Wengen 1407. Wengen is located 35km west from Augsburg. 30km south from Wengen is Asselfingen and Rammingen quite close to each other. Edenbergen in Bazenhofen is located between Wengen and Ausgburg. Ulrich’ farm was situated as neighbour to the von Willenbach farm. On the 28 Aug 1407 von Willbach’s widow Elsbeth born von Rechberg and her son Ulrich von Willenbach sold the farm to a citizen “B├╝rger” in Ausgburg.
The Ulrich Vederlin’s son Ulrich Federlin appears 1455 in Ramminegn and his brother Hans (Johannes) Federlin in Asselfingen 1438. Source Deutsche Familien Archiv/Siegfried Federle.
It is quite likely that Ulrich Federlin III in Rammingen had a son Jerg Federlin who is the Grandfather to Ulrich Federle VI (1544 - 1628) in Edenbergen. Ulrich Federle’s son Adam moved to Ausgurg where his grandson Anton Federle later Federley was born 27 Apr 1696.

Ulrich II married Mrs Unknown.

They had the following children:
4 i. Johannes “Hans” III (?1410-)
5 ii. Ulrich III (?1430-1496)

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