Fourth Generation

Family of Ulrich II Federlin (3) & Mrs Unknown

4. Johannes “Hans” III Federlin. Born ? 1410 in Wengen. Johannes “Hans” III died in Asselfingen.

He is mentioned in Asselfingen in 1438.

Johannes “Hans” III married Mrs Unknown.

5. Ulrich III Federlin. Born ? 1430 in Wengen Germany. Ulrich III died in Rammingen Germany, on 24 Aug 1496; he was 66.

He is mentioned in Rammingen 1455 and 1477 where he was married twice. Source Siegfried Federle. Ulrich Federle III is most probably the same person as Ulrich Fider which is mentioned in Rammingen 1490-1494. Source: Guiltb├╝cher St. Ulrich u. Afra/Martin Kreder

In 1455 when Ulrich III was 25, he first married Catharine Keck.

They had one child:
6 i. Balthasar IV (?1460-?1545)

In 1477 when Ulrich III was 47, he second married Margarete Wetzer.

She is mentioned in Asselfingen 1504. The farm was taken over by her son in law Christian Buhr.
She had a son with Mr Wetzer whose name was Hans. Hans Wetzer became later Hans Federlin.
He is however not placed in the family tree as son to Ulrich III and Margarete Wetzer.

They had the following children:
7 i. Ulrich IV (1478-1525)
8 ii. Jerg IV (?1480-?1530)

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