Tenth Generation (Continued)

Family of Anton VIII Federle (42) & Ursula Mihltahler

58. Anna Maria Federle. Born on 17 Dec 1690 in Augsburg Dompfarrerei Bayern Germany. Anna Maria died ? in ?

Roman Catholic.

59. Johann IX Georg Federle. Born on 19 Apr 1692 in Augsburg Dompfarrerei Bayern Germany. Johann IX Georg died ? in ?

Roman Catholic.

60. Anton IX Federley. Born on 27 Apr 1696 in Augsburg Dompfarrerei Bayern Germany. Anton IX died in Tyrväntö Vanajaniemi Estate, in Feb 1742; he was 45. Occupation: Rakuuna/Dragon Jahtivouti/Jaktfogde.

Roman Catholic. He was born Anton Federle (In the books sometimes Antoni) and changed his name to Anton Federley. God parents at the christening were: Daniel Melz and Maria Sohrerin. Anton was burried under the floor of the old Tyrväntö church. On 5 Jun 2000 a tombstone was placed on the Churchyard of this church by Lars Federley. A memorial service was held there in connection with the first Family Reunion which was held in Hämeenlinna Castle 11 Jun 2000. Anton enrolled as a dragoon 13 Nov 1721 into Nylands/Tavastehus dragoonregiment Rustningstomme 17 Suotala Hannukkala and was granted an early resign 13 April 1728. General Major Reinhold Johan De La Barre was the chief of this regiment from 13.5.1713 to 1.10.1724 when he died. The chief of Anton’s company was colonnel (överstelöjtnant) Robert Fredrik de la Barre. Anton needed no recomendation to be enrolled beacues Colonnel de La Barre knew him personally. The 1st company (korpralskapet) was located in nedre Sääksmäki härad and more close to the Kulsiala tingssocken. To this tingssocken belonged Tyrväntö, Pälkäne, and parts of Hauho and other Sääksmäki socknar. His first horse was a white mare. It died 9 Jan 1727. The next horse was a grey mare. Varoius miliatry sources from Tore Blomqvist.
It is today known that Anton lived in Tyrväntö Vanajaniemi 1733 and 1734. (Source Leena Heikelä Film ES 2206 Pälkäne, page 82) The house where he lived is still located in the same place and owned by Mr and Mrs Eino Laitinen. It is yet not known where Anton lived before and after that. He was named Jaktfogde in the local vintercourt of Kulsiala (later Tyrväntö) Sahalahti and Pälkäne, belonging to Övre Sääksmäki härad (county). This court was held 9 - 11 febr. 1732 in the village of Äimälä in Pälkäne. At that court was present Länsman Johan Alberti whose decendant is Anders Lukander married to Maria Jakobina Wingstedt daughter of Ulrika Carolina Federley and Nils Jacob Wingstedt.
Anton F. was godfather to Johan Michelsson’s and Walborg Samuelsdotter´s child Catharina who was born 12.3.1731 in Lepaa/Tyrväntö. Other god parents were carpenter Joseph Drufva, ? Michelson, Olof Mattson with wife Catharina Michelsdotter and Anna Michelsdotter. They all were from Lepaa. Joseph Drufva is mentioned to be the carpeneter who made interiors in the old Tyrväntö church in 1734.

Anton IX married Maria Erichsdotter. Born in 1700 in ? Wanajaniemi. Maria died in Pertteli/St Bertils Romsila, on 7 Dec 1767; she was 67.

She lived in Suotaala Hannukkala 1727 - 1728 and in Vanajaniemi 1733-1734. Source Henkikirjat. In the books it is said: Maria Erichsdr Federley ifr. Romsila Ruti gård död af slag och ålderdom samt bräcklighet 67 år gl. Source: Book of burried St Bertils 1760 - 1799 film BII a 3. (Leena Heikelä). After her husband’s death 1742, Maria moved from Tyrväntö or neighborhood to Pertteli/St Bertils where she is burried. St Bertils is about 10km west from Salo. Salo is located about 100km from Tyrväntö. It is not known when she moved to Pertteli/St Bertils but in 1752 she already lived there. The beutiful stonechurch in Pertteli was build 1729 and is in good condition today.

They had the following children:
62 i. Christopher X (1723-1805)
63 ii. Johan X
64 iii. Eric X (1727-1795)
65 iv. Anton X (1731-1797)
66 v. Sofia Elisabetha (Died as Infant) (1733-1734)
67 vi. Maria Antonsdotter (1738-?)

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