Eleventh Generation (Continued)

Family of Anton IX Federley (60) & Maria Erichsdotter

62. Christopher X Federley. Born on 8 Oct 1723 in ? Christopher X died in Uskela Salo, on 1 Mar 1805; he was 81. Occupation: Kutsuntakirjuri/Mönsterskrivare Häradsskrivare/Kihlakunnankirjuri.

At an age of 22 Christopher joined the Army in 1745 and was pointed kutsuntakirjuri/mönsterskrivare 30 Jun 1751 and gave his resignation 18 Nov 1776 and his mission ended 11 Dec 1776. He served in the army 31 years and it was probably the reason why Sweden’s king Gustav the third later on(born on the 24th of January 1746 and murdered on the 16th of March 1792) gave Christopher a golden watch manufactured 1781 in Stockholm. The machinery was made by Erik Lindgren and the shell by Petter Strömkvist. The watch can be seen in Porvoo/Borgå citymuseum it is preserved as item number 3937. The testamony to the museum was left after Christopher’s great granddaughter Ida Josefina Federley (1855 - 1912) and included this watch, 2 golden rings a watchchain and an iron and 2 paintings of a Dutch painters. (Source Helsinki Citymuseum yearbook Narinka 1995, article “watches and their bearers” by Merja Herranen at Porvoo Museum.) He lived in Kalvola in Kutisten (Kuttis) kartanossa 1743 - 1745. Source Olli Tiitinen. There lived kihlakunnakirjuri Carl Johann Hindersson Pernovius who most probaly was the one he tought Christopher in his comming profession. C.J. H. Pernovius married to Hevig C. von Schröve. They had a son Carl Adam b. 20 Jan 1740 in Pernå (Pernå-Vius) After that
Christopher lived at the Vialenius family 1746 - 1751 before he married their daughter of the family 4 Oct 1753. His wife’s parents may have helped the couple financially.
As godparents for the first five of Christopher’s children was present Fourier Jonas Ekman (sometimes Eckman) and his wife Christina Aemelea born in Halikko 1 Sep 1710. They were married in Halikko 14 Sept 1731. They lived in Halikko and had 9 children born between 1732 and 1751. Jonas Ekman was born 1699 and baptised in Göteborg Sweden 6 Apr 1699. In 1713 He worked as “Skrivare vid Warfwet i Göteborg (Gothengurg,Sweden) Source Gerald Enckell. In1720 he worked as mönsterskrivare for the army in Bohuslän (the green dragoons). A Fourir Jonas Eckman was enrolled into the Savolax regiment 2 Aug 1717. Source Leena Heikelä(Generalmönsterrullam 1720 film 55030. This was not actually the same Jonas Eckman who married Christina Aemelea. Source Wirilander/Olli Tiitinen.
Jonas Ekman (Eckaman Eichman)
Jonas Ekman is more or less the same age as Kristoffer’s father Anton. Jonas Ekman was certainly an armyfriend with Christopher and probably also with Anton Federley.
The working class people in the neighbourhood of Christopher’s wanted to make an official written protest against the feodal masters and Christopher took the mission of do the writing. The outcome was very bad. Many of the people were condemned because of their obstruction.
Kristoffer bought the estate of Pettilä in Uskela 1 May 1782 from Maximilan Carpelan who had bought it 1766 from Maria Eriksdotter the second wife and of Claes Thomasson who owned it since 19.19.1709. In 1799 Christopher gave the Pettilä estate to his daughter Christina Eleanora who married Karl Grönlund. Their youngest son Simon Grönlund inherited then the Pettilä Estate. In 1837 he sold Pettilä to Fil Maist, Ritari Carl Gustav von Bondsdorff. Pettilä became now Karlberg when the new owner bought also other estates in the neighbourhood, Eerikin rälssitila and Akun verotila.
In 1880 Adolf Johan Finne bought Karlberg and sold it in the same year to comtess Marianne Armfelt. She kept it until 1909 when she sold it and from that on it has belonged to the same family. The new owner Herman and Sofia Bock sold main part of Eerikin rälssitila and Akun verotila and kept the rest. The Bock family took the name Pettilä. Pettilä is today owned by Kaarlo Pettilä who celebrated his 60th anniveresry 23.6.2001. (Source Suomen maatilat 3rd part Turun ja Porin lääni) Book of records in original in Turun maakunta-arkisto maakirjat)

On 4 Oct 1753 when Christopher X was 29, he married Maria Elisabet Wialenius, daughter of Johan Wialenius & Katarina Enckell, in Kangasala. Born on 25 Dec 1730 in Kangasala Suoramo Nikkilä. Maria Elisabet died in Uskela Salo, on 3 Sep 1798; she was 67.

She lived in Suoramo when she married Christoffer.

They had the following children:
68 i. Johan Christopher XI (Died as Infant) (1754-1755)
69 ii. Karl Henrik XI (1756-1774)
70 iii. Catharina Eleonora (1757-1836)
71 iv. Johan XI Gustaf (1759-1808)
72 v. Anton Christoffer XI (1761-1819)
73 vi. Maria Margareta (1762-1840)
74 vii. Adolf Fredrik XI (1765-1787)
75 viii. Immanuel XI (1768-1835)
76 ix. Benjamin XI (1770-1809)
77 x. Charlotta Ulrica (1774-1818)

63. Johan X Federley. Born ? in ? Johan X died ? in ?

In 1748 he was a pupil at the school “Tavastehus trivialskola” .

64. Eric X Federley. Born in 1727 in ? Eric X died in Salo Uskela Pettilä, on 12 Jun 1795; he was 68. Occupation: Renkivouti/Drängfogde.

Eric’s birth year 1727 is taken from Hämeenlinna/Tavstehus komunionbok 1753-1759 page 74.
He lived in Hämeenlinna/Tavastehus Saarisen Latokartano/Saris Ladugård when he got married. Pertteli/St Bertils communionbook page 213 Ingeris Gård 1764 - 1767, is mentioned: Erik born 1730 and wife Regina born 1726 and Joh. Gust. Federley born 29.12.1763. In 1767 they moved to Maaria/St Marie. Erik worked for handelsman Baer at Kaistarniemi estate at St Marie. 1767 - 1787. In 1787 he moved to to Uskela where he died 1795. He lives at his brothers Kristoffer’s house Pettila from 1779 - 1790. In the communion book of Hämeenlinna/Tavastehus its is said he was born 1729. (Source LMH)
On 15 Jul 1770 Mats Öfverholm’s and Walborg Johansdotter’s daughter Elisabeth was christened and the goodparents wre Eric Antonsson (Federley) och dess hustru Regina Winck (Wingstedt) alla från Caistarniemi. Kaistarniemi is today a part of Hirvensalo which belongs to the city of Turku/Åbo. Sourcs LMH (Leena Maria Heikelä)

On 3 Nov 1757 when Eric X was 30, he married Regina Winqvist, daughter of Hans Winqvist, in Tyrväntö. Born in 1729 in ? Regina died in Maaria/St Marie Kaistarniemi, on 9 Jan 1785; she was 56. Occupation: Piika/Piga.

Regina’s birth year 1729 is taken from Tavastehus kommunionbok 1753 - 1759 page 74.
It is on the other hand said in the books that she was buried on 11 jan 1785 at an age of 59.

They had the following children:
78 i. Brita Helena (Died as Infant) (1759-1761)
79 ii. Johan Gustaf (Died as Infant) (1763-)
80 iii. Kristoffer XI (1770-1795)

65. Anton X Federley. Born on 8 May 1731 in ? Anton X died in Mikkeli Msrk/St Michel Landskommun Anttola, on 25 Jul 1797; he was 66. Occupation: Sawmill Accountant/Sahakirjuri/Sågbokhållare.

In the book of burried in Mikkeli/St Michel his name is written Federlöf. Wilskman is writing: “Pupil in Hämeenlinna/Tavastehus trivilaskola.” On Pertteli/St Bertils MF 1057 page 325 mentioend “Sågbokhållare född 8.5.1731”. In 2008 Leena Heikelä found out that in Tavastehus komunionbok 1725-1751 page 142 is a list of the pupils “Scholaris” in 1746 and there is mentioned Anthoni Federleus. Sågbokhållare född 8.5.1731. He lived by Erik Johan Wirilander in Anttola and was probably in his service. He was not married.LMH

66. Sofia Elisabetha Federley. Born on 9 Dec 1733 in Vanajaniemi Tyrväntö. Sofia Elisabetha died in Tyrväntö in 1734; she was <1.

She was christened in Tyrväntö 11. December 1733. She was burried under the floor of the old Tyrväntö church. Her father’s, Anton´s and her surname is spelled Federli in the church records. They lived in the Vanajaniemi house in Tyrväntö at the time of her birth. Godparents at the christening was Herr Major (Johan?)Eckman, Herr Hans Boije, Fru Majorskan Anna Sophia Boije, (wife of Herr Major Boije?) Dns. Studerande Simon Boström and Caisa Echriksdotter. (Possibly Maria Ehricksdotter’s sister)

67. Maria Antonsdotter Federley. Born in 1738 in ? Maria Antonsdotter died ? in ?

She lived in Hämeenlinna/Tavastehus at the time she was married.
She lived together with her brother Erik and his wife Regina in the Saris Ladugård.
She worked as a Piika/Piga in at Saris.
In the communionbook it is said that Maria was born 1738. LMH
Maria appears several times as God parent as Maria Antoniidotter, Maria Lundgren or Maria Federley. She appears in many courts mostly testifying what she has seen and experienced but never accused for anything.
She is mentioned in Hämmeenlinan Court. kaupungintilit Ga:9 Uppbördsbok.
1786 Muraremestare hustru Maria Lundberg utfattig (poor to her bones)
1817 restlängd, Maria Lundberg, ränta 10 daler specie, desse rester äro ostridige och skola utsökas.
Ga:10 1788 tomt 94 Lundberg, ränta 2 daler 40 öre 8 skilling specie, tomtöre 7 öre.
resterar för år 1787 21 öre, brandvaktspenning 14 öre
resterar 1786 1daler 46 öre 8 skilling

On 21 Apr 1756 when Maria Antonsdotter was 18, she married Johan Lundberg, son of Simon Lundberg & Magdalena “Lena” Andersdotter, in Hämeenlinna/Tavastehus Saris. Born in 1734 in Hämeenlinna/Tavastehus. Johan died ? in ? Occupation: Muurarimestari/Murarmästare.

The young (20 years of age) man Johan Lundberg has been accepted as Muurarimestari on his fathers old roghts gave the oath to practise his profession as his cellegues. As grantors he presented the assistant of the court Johan Sennlijn and shoemaker Eric Lucander to guarantee six years of taxes. He got the right to give the oath and to pay only half of the fee. Source Hämeenlinna Raastuvanoikeus 18 Feb 1754 T5 page 22 -23- Veli Pekka Toropainen. Johan Lundberg was still alive 1788. Source Hämeenlinnan kaupungintilit 1788., Ga:10 V P. Toropainen.

They had the following children:
81 i. Anna Helena (Died as Infant) (1756-1757)
82 ii. Ericus Johannes (Died as Infant) (1758-1758)
83 iii. Johannes Gustavus (1760-?)
84 iv. Margretha Elisabeth (Died as Infant) (1762-1763)
85 v. Catharina Margaretha “Caisa” (1764-?)
86 vi. Nicolaus “Nils” (1767-)
87 vii. Niclas (Died as Infant) (1768-1769)
88 viii. Eva Stina (Died as Infant) (1770-1776)
89 ix. Märtha Margareta (Died as Infant) (1774-1790)

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