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Eleventh Generation

Family of Christopher X Federley (61) & Maria Elisabet Wialenius

67. Johan Christopher XI Federley. Born on 16 Dec 1754 in Pertteli/St Bertils Romsila. Johan Christopher XI died in Pertteli/St Bertils Romsila, on 14 Nov 1755; he was <1. Buried on 7 Dec 1755 in Pertteli/St Bertils Romsila.

He was born 16 Dec 1754 and christened on the same day. He died on 14 Nov 1755 and was buried 9 Dec 1755. Source: Pertteli Books. Godparents Fältväbel (Fourier) herr Jonas Ekman mademoiselle Brita Maria Lund, Herr Fältväbel Hendrik Wilhelm Hufvudsköld med sin fur Catharina Elisabeth Paulin. Source: Leena Maria Heikelä

68. Karl Henrik XI Federley. Born on 1 Apr 1756 in Pertteli/St Bertils Romsila. Karl Henrik XI died in Pertteli/St Bertils Romsila, on 23 Aug 1774; he was 18. Buried on 26 Aug 1774 in Pertteli/St Bertils Romsila. Occupation: Vicemönsterskrivare/varakatselmuskirjuri.

He was christened 4 Apr1756 with tha name Carl-Heinrich. Book of burried says he drowned 23 Aug 1774. Godparents Wilhelm Hufvudsköld Fältväbel av Infanteriet Jonas Ekman och hustru Kristina Aemelea, Simon Gustav Tolpo, Sergeant Lars Tammlander. Fru Eva Johanna Marquant. Madememoiselle Kristina Elisabet Ekman, daughter to Jonas and Kristina Ekman.

69. Catharina Eleonora Federley. Born on 26 Nov 1757 in Pertteli/St Bertils Romsila. Catharina Eleonora died in Uskela Pettilä Salo, on 22 Jan 1836; she was 78.

She was christened 27 Nov 1757. 3 of her 4 sons were all nearly born on the same date.

On 5 Jun 1783 when Catharina Eleonora was 25, she married Carolus "Carl" Grönlund, in Salo Pettilä. Born on 9 Dec 1748 in ? Carolus "Carl" died in Uskela Pettilä Salo, on 23 Oct 1815; he was 66. Buried on 6 Nov 1815 in Uskela Pettilä Salo. Occupation: Maanmittari/Lantmätare Åbo Län. Education: Yo/Stud 1768 Maanmittari/Lantmätare 1775.

He possibly lived in Kurkela in Pertteli? He lived in Niku with his wife and children. He knew very well and met with his his collegue Johan Lönnmark (1776 - 1833). Graduated 1771. Univercity degree achieved in 1775 from Abo Academie. Vice Lantmätare Åbo Län 1780. Ordinarie Lantmätare Åbo Län 1815.

They had the following children:



Karl Kristoffer (1784-1847)



Johan Gustaf (1785-1803)



Anton (1787-1851)



Simon (1788-1862)

70. Johan XI Gustaf Federley. Born on 21 Feb 1759 in Pertteli/St Bertils Romsila. Johan XI Gustaf died in Sahalahti/Sahalaks on 5 Jun 1808; he was 49. Occupation: Kirkkoherra/kyrkoherde Sahalahti/Sahlax. Education: Yo/Stud 1774. Vihitty Papiksi/Prästvigd 27 May1780.

He was actually christened 21 Feb 1759. He became a priest 27 May 1780. He moved to Sahlahti between 1792 - 1794. Reverend in Sahalahti 1794. Godparents Herr Fältväbel Jonas Ekman med sin hustru Kristina Aemelea (Later Äimelä?) and Karl Gustav Thess? och mademoiselle Christina Elisabetha Ekman, daughter to Jonmas and Kristina Ekman.

On 20 Oct 1788 when Johan XI Gustaf was 29, he married Katarina Eleonora Halling, daughter of Zakarias Halling (-1795) & Maria Eleonora Gylling, in Turku/Åbo. Born on 9 Dec 1766 in Turku/Åbo. Katarina Eleonora died in Sahalahti/Sahalaks on 26 Feb 1803; she was 36.

Katarina gave birth to her first child Bror Johan only 5 months after her wedding. She died giving birth to her last and 11th child Bror Frans.

They had the following children:



Bror Johan (Died as Infant) (1789-1789)



Karolina Gustava (Died as Infant) (1790-1791)



Bror Gustaf (Died as Infant) (1791-1794)



Bror Magnus (1792-1834)



Gustava (1793-1853)



Bror Berndt (1796-1842)



Bror Otto (1797-?)



Ulrika Karolina (1799-1859)



Johanna (Died as Infant) (1800-1800)



Johan XII Gustaf (1801-1856)



Bror Frans (1803-?)

71. Anton Christoffer XI Federley. Born on 28 May 1761 in Pertteli/St Bertils. Anton Christoffer XI died in Turku/Åbo on 22 May 1819; he was 57. Buried on 27 May 1819 in Maaria/St Marie Turku/Åbo. Occupation: Häradsskrivare/Kihlakunnankirjuri 1787 - 1804 Akatemian kamreeri/Academie kamrerare 1804 - 1819.

He was christened 31 May 1761. Godparents Herr Sacellanus, Mich. Lundanus, Sergeant Herr L. Humlander Korpralen herr Zacharias Lundan Student Gabriel Salinius, kornett Eckmans fru Christina Aemelea, Fältväbel Lamans fru Catharina Avolin, Mademoisella Susanna Salinia, Fru Anna Margaretha Lundana. In 1804 the family moved from Åland to Turku/Åbo. He died in Turku but he was burried in the graveyard of Maarian/St Marie church outside Turku/Åbo. His daughter Antonette Amanda is buried in the same grave. This grave is preserved. His son Anton Christoffer Federley is also buried in St Marie. AC moved to Åland 1787 at an age of 25 years and became Häradskrivare/Kihlakunnankirjuri för Ahvenanmaa/Åland. The Häradsbokhållare before him was Isaac Ullner married with Eriana Alan 24 Jul 1782 in Jomala Åland. After the death of her husband 25 Jun 1786 Eriana Alan moved to Turku 1789. Her unmarrried sister Charlotta Christina Alan b. 1755 d. 7.6.1797 however stayed in Jomala in the estate, Ytterby Hemmanet Nr 8 (Later Hanses) until her death 1797. Anton Christoffer lived in the same quarter and presumably lived together with Charlotta Christina Alan. Charlotta stayed a short time in Utö/Åland but came back to Ytterby in 1787. AC Federley and Charlotta Alan had no children but it is possible that Charlotta Alan gave birth to a child during her temporary stay in Utö. Sources Mantalslängd 1791 page 898 and Mantalalslängd 1792 page 822. Leena Heikelä.
Shortly after the death of Christina Alan's death, Anton Christoffer's wife Helena Elisabeth Hjorth is arriving to Ytterby and they married 9 Feb 1798. Anton Christoffer lived first in Jomala Ytterby Hemmanet No 8 and in 1799 he moved to Berg in Sund. After Viktor's birth 13 Sept 1804 they moved to Turku where he became Academie Camrerare/Akatemian kamreeri First they lived in Turku on Hämeenkatu 4? (2 or 3 or 4) then lived in the south block no 108 which AC F owned. The inssurance value of this quarter was double of the city hall! This estate was bought by AC 4 Oct 1806. The streets around the quarter are today Linnankatu, Kristiinankatu, Aurankatu and Erikinkatu. On the 31st of March 1812 Ac F purchased Arkkila skatterusthåll in Kurkela village in Kisko community. Sources Wilskman. Jomala kommunion book 1780 - 1791 and mantalslängd for the years in question. Leena Heikelä
Ytterby hemmanet No 8 in Jomala became the office of the Härdadsskrivare already in 1760. On 23 Oct1794 Kungliga Svenska Kammarkollegiet decide to make Berg in Sund the boställe (home and office) for the Häradsskrivare. in 1799 AC F moved to Berg in Sund. In 1927 the Estate in Berg was transferred to the Åland community. It was never owned by AC Federley.
22 Dec 1795 Kungliga sveska kammarkollegiet decided to sell Ytterby hemmanet Nr 8 to AC F.
The family owned it for 40 years until 15 Dec1835 when they sold it to Johan Petter Pehrson and his wife Catharina Eriksdotter. Lagfart/Lainhuuto was given at Jomala Ting/Käräjät 30 Nov 1836. Source Uppbådsboken i Jomala sida 166 §9. This protokoll is full of extremely interesting details.
AC F kept nearily 20 servants on the fram.

So AC Federley's family kept the farm until 1835 even if they moved to Turku already in 1807.
On the farm lived during these years the farmer/bonden/talonpoika Henric Hansson and Crofter/Torparen/Torppari Hök.

For a couple of years also Vicehäradshövding Landtman lived there at the time.

Hemmanet nummer 8, today called Hanses, has stayed with the same family since then and is today owned by Jan-Olof Karlsson b. 1958 and his wife Birgitta Karlsson b. Karlsson 1951. They have the children Marie born 1975, Ove born 1982 and Janette born 1992. The main building is built 1938 and the farm is a dairy farm with arepectable amount of cows. The size is 93,27ha of which is forest 46,97ha grown 19,31ha and meadows for the cattle 6,54ha.

Prevoius oweners are:

Jan-Olof's father Roland Egil b. 1925 and wife Alfa and Roland's brother Sune Karlsson b. 1927
Their father Emil Karlsson b 3.2.1894 and his wife Ragnhild Eriksson took over the place 1923.
Emil's father Erik Reinhold Karlsson and wife Maria Josefina Erlandsson.
1875 the brothers Karl August and Gustaf Reinhold Eriksson sold their parts to their Brother Erik 1889 Johan Eriksson and his wife Anna Erika Karlsdotter took over
9 Jan 1856 Joahan Petter Pehrson and Katarina Eriksdotter sold Hanses to Erika Anderson and Anna Katarina Johansdotter.

Sources various documents and books from the Aland archives which I viseted in May 2004. In the archive I was assisted by Leena Heikelä and Veli Pekka Toropainen. I also want to dedicate my best personal thanks to Helena Dahlbom who works in the archive and assisted us in finding the needed sources to investigate this case.

From the estate Berg in Sund AC F's daughter Clara brought a rocking chair to her and her husband's Carl Fredrik Avellan's home in Villilä estate in Nakkila. This rocking chair can still be seen there and one copy has been given to the United States president John F. Kennedy as a present since it is known to be very a very comfortable chair for people with seroius backproblems as was the case with John F. Kennedy.
This rocking chairs has served as a model for rocking chairs allover Finland. Source

On the 31st of March 1812 A.C. F purchased Arkkila skatterusthåll in Kurkela village in Kisko community.

He first common-law married Johanna Jacobsdotter Beckelin. Born in 1766 in Sweden? Johanna Jacobsdotter died in Joppe Jomala Åland, on 24 Apr 1809; she was 43.

She lived in Joppe village in Jomala when she was married. She worked as a maid at acessor Palm in Jomala Joppe. In the books she died at an age of 43.
Mr. Palm was the father of Elisabeth Palm who together with her husband Immanuel Aulén were Anton Christoffer Simgren's godparnets.

They had one child:



Anton Christoffer XII (Illegitimate) (1795-1829)

On 9 Feb 1798 when Anton Christoffer XI was 36, he second married Helena Elisabeth Hjort, in Ytterby Jomala Åland. Born in 1774 in ? Sweden. Helena Elisabeth died in Helsinki/Helsingfors on 11 Nov 1844; she was 70. Buried on 16 Nov 1844 in Helsinki/Helsingfors Old Cemetary.

She was pregnant in her fourth month when she married Anton Kristoffer. She moved to Helsinki/Helsingfors 27 Sept 1843 with her daughter Anna Jacobina "Bina" Lagerstedt. Source: Leena Heikelä. Helena Elisabeth Federtley's grave is preserved at the Old Helsinki cemetary.

They had the following children:



Axel (1798-1854)



Berndt (1799-1863)



Clara (1801-1878)



Antonetta Amanda (Died as Infant) (1803-1819)



Wiktor (1804-1877)



Anna "Bina" Jacobina (1807-1889)



Anton Christoffer XII (Died as Infant) (1809-1810)

72. Maria Margareta Federley. Born on 27 Dec 1762 in Pertteli/St Bertils Romsila. Maria Margareta died in Salo Uskela Pettilä, on 22 Dec 1840; she was 77.

She was christened 29 Dec 1762. She was not married.

73. Adolf Fredrik XI Federley. Born on 24 May 1765 in Pertteli/St Bertils. Adolf Fredrik XI died in Salo on 30 Aug 1787; he was 22. Occupation: Varakihlakunnankirjuri/Vicehäradsskrivare.

He was christened 26 May 1765. His name is in the books Adolph-Friedrich Federley. On the 24 of August 1787, when he was 22, he was involved in a fight at Salo bridge in Halikko and was seriously hit in his head and the rest of his body. He died of these wounds 6 days later on August 30 1787.

74. Immanuel XI Federley. Born on 29 May 1768 in Pertteli/St Bertils. Immanuel XI died in Turku/Åbo on 13 Jul 1835; he was 67. Buried on 17 Jul 1835 in Kosken kappeliseurakunta/Koskis kapellförsamling. Occupation: Hovioikeuden Asianajaja/Hovrättsadvokat Häradshävding.

The lived in Turku/Åbo in the east block number 133 - 134. Leena Heikelä. They married after Gustava Carolina had given birth to her first 5 children. It is an assumption that Immanuel was the father of all these children. It is however not yet confirmed.

On 12 May 1810 when Immanuel XI was 41, he married Gustava Karolina Balck, daughter of Anders Balck (1744-1797) & Maria Henriksdotter (1743-1798), in Turku/Åbo. Born on 29 Mar 1773 in Turku/Åbo. Gustava Karolina died in Marttila/St. Mårtens Tiipilä, on 2 Dec 1854; she was 81. Buried on 17 Dec 1854 in Marttila/St Mårtens Tiipilä. Occupation: Taloudenhoitaja/Hushållerska.

HisKi says she was born 31 Mar 1774 and christened 1 Apr 1774. In the communion book in Ulvila it is said she was born in 1773. Her surname is later often written Barck and she may have changed her name to cover the beginning of the relation with Immanuel.
She mowed from Turku to Ulvila in 1799 and then back from Ulvila to Turku 1801.
She lived in Anoilan kartano in Ulvila with her daughter Johanna Carolina who was born there
2 Oct 1799. She had 5 children before she married Immanuel. It is assumed that Immanuel is the father of all her children but it is not confirmed. In the communion book there are some remarks about her paying fines to Pastor Hjelt because of "för tidigt sängelag" and also "för lönskaläge".
Her sister Charlotta Albertina Balck lived with her and Immanuel. After Immanuel's death she lived in Marttila/St Mårtens Tiipilä Village where lived a lot of other relatives like Johan Lönnmark and Eva Fahlberg, Daniel Ekvall and Gustava Maria Helena Simgren. Her other sister Anna Hedvig Balck lived in Nousiaiinen/Nousis at the same time as Daniel Ekvall and Gustava Maria Helena Simgren.

They had the following children:



Jacob Johan (Illegitimate) (1795-)



Emanuel Hugo Baltazar (Illegitimate) (1798-1799)



Johanna Karolina (Illegitimate) (1799-1873)



Amalia Charlotta (Illegitimate) (1807-1807)



Frantz Ferdinand (Illegitimate) (1808-1855)



Karl Mauritz Immanuel (1810-1833)

75. Benjamin XI Federley. Born on 10 May 1770 in Pertteli/St Bertils. Benjamin XI died in Kuopio on 1 Jun 1809; he was 39. Occupation: Kamreeri/Kamrer Kihlakunnankirjuri/Häradsbokhållare Kruununvouti/Kronofogde.

He was christened 13 May 1770. He is mentioned with his wife in Ylöjärvi Communionbook 1782-1793 page 242 Koivisto Torp. On the same page is also mentioned their children Karl Benjamin, Sara Agatha Amalia, Edla Sophia and Victor Pehr Evert. Source SSHY Ylöjärvi Communionbook 1782-1793 Kuva 127.
The children were all born after 1793 when the communion book was already closed. The priest probably decided it was a convenient way to register the children with their parents in the same book.

Benjamin XI married Sara Sofia Gadd, daughter of Nils Kristian Gadd (1731-1796) & Sara Ullén. Born on 9 Dec 1769 in Pirkkala/Birkala. Sara Sofia died in Ikaalinen/Ikalis on 10 Jan 1854; she was 84.

In the report from 1912 it is said that Sara was born 12 Oct 1769.
On her gravestone is said 9 Dec 1769. On 1 Sep 1812 she moved with her children from Tavastkyro to Mouhijärvi. 21 Aug 1815 she moved from Mouhijärvi to Hämeenlinna
Gustava Amalia Sandbäck lived by them after her parents died.

They had the following children:



Karl Benjamin (1799-1852)



Sara Agatha Amalia (1801-1868)



Edla Sophia (Died as Infant) (1803-1809)



Viktor Pehr Evert (1804-1840)



Josepha Gustava (1806-1840)



Magdalena (Died as Infant) (1807-1807)



Alexandra Vihelmina (Died as Infant) (1809-1809)

76. Charlotta Ulrica Federley. Born on 10 Apr 1774 in Pertteli/St Bertils. Charlotta Ulrica died in Tyrvää/Tyrvis on 5 Feb 1818; she was 43.

Both parents died 1818 when their eldest child was only 22 and the youngest only 3 years.
Therfore the children were spread out in to various places which are mentioned in the notes of the respective child. Ulrika's brother Immanuel took care of the replacement of the children and the auction of the parents belongings.

On 14 Jun 1795 when Charlotta Ulrica was 21, she married Thomas Sandbäck, in Uskela Pettilä. Born on 6 Dec 1757 in ? Thomas died in Tyrvää/Tyrvis on 15 Feb 1818; he was 60. Occupation: Kihlakunnan Kirjuri/Häradsskrivare.

They had the following children:



Gustava Amalia (1796-1887)



Otto Fredrik (Died as Infant) (1798-1798)



Fredrika Charlotta (1799-?)



Serafia Wilhelmina (1801-1866)



Albertina (1803-1882)



Antoinette Amanda (1807-1861)



Sophia Caroline (1810-1886)



Clara Lovisa (Died as Infant) (1812-1812)



Henrietta Ulrica (Died as Infant) (1814-1815)

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