Twelfth Generation (Continued)

Family of Maria Antonsdotter Federley (67) & Johan Lundberg

81. Anna Helena Lundberg. Born in Nov 1756 in Hämeenlinna/Tavastehus Saris. Anna Helena died in Hämeenlinna/Tavastehus in Feb 1757; she was <1.

82. Ericus Johannes Lundberg. Born in Jul 1758 in Hämeenlinna/Tavastehus. Ericus Johannes died in Hämeenlinna/Tavastehus in Jul 1758; he was <1.

83. Johannes Gustavus Lundberg. Born on 19 Jan 1760 in Hämeenlinna/Tavastehus. Johannes Gustavus died ? .

Communionbook 1773 - 1778 0f Hämeenlinna Johan Lundberg family. Johan Gustav scholaris.

84. Margretha Elisabeth Lundberg. Born on 27 Aug 1762 in Hämeenlinna/Tavastehus. Margretha Elisabeth died in Hämeenlinna/Tavastehus on 26 Mar 1763; she was <1.

85. Catharina Margaretha “Caisa” Lundberg. Born on 25 Sep 1764 in Hämeenlinna/Tavastehus. Catharina Margaretha “Caisa” died ? .

Her husband most probably inheritied the Muraremestare rights from her father. She paid her fathers taxes 1786 for there estate in Hämeenlinna/Tavastehus. The esatte was most probaly sold in 1792-1793. Source Hämeenlinnan raastauvanoikus (Court) protocol tax register 1791 1792.

Catharina Margaretha “Caisa” married Mr Unknown. Born ? . Mr died ? . Occupation: Muurarimestari/Muraremästare.

86. Nicolaus “Nils” Lundberg. Born on 26 Nov 1767 in Hämeenlinna/Tavastehus. Nicolaus “Nils” died in Hämeenlinna/Tavastehus. Occupation: Vahtimestari/Vaktmästare Tullbesökare.

Christened 28 Nov 1767. He died approx 1802 before his son Nicolaus was born.
He was involved in a trial 10 Apr 1797 in Hämeenlinan court because of a fight.
The following persons are mentioend. Sorvarinkisälli Henrik Hamberg. Johan and Gustaf Willberg, Gustaf Kiellström, Adolf Johan Linder, (servant to kapteeni Wennerqvist), Gabriel Lundström.
Johan Willberg was suppose to order a horsetransport for Kihalakunnantuomari Gadd. Kiellström was suppose to escort Linder home and in front of kauppias Pellamark’s house sorvarinkisälli Ephraim Gustaf Rinnvall had hit Linder so that he lost his hat! The court was ajourned to 8 Maj 1768.
Source Hämmenlinna Court 18.2.1754 T 5, page 22 - 23.

Nicolaus “Nils” married Johanna Linck, daughter of Johan Linck & Helena Henriksdotter. Born on 10 Apr 1782 in Uusikaupunki/Nystad.

They had the following children:
135 i. Daughter (Died as Infant) (1799-)
136 ii. Johanna Lovisa (Died as Infant) (1800-)
137 iii. Nicolaus (Died as Infant) (1802-)

87. Niclas Lundberg. Born on 14 Oct 1768 in Hämeenlinna/Tavastehus. Niclas died in Hämeenlinna/Tavastehus on 18 Nov 1769; he was 1.

88. Eva Stina Lundberg. Born on 6 Nov 1770 in Hämeenlinna/Tavastehus. Eva Stina died in Hämeenlinna/Tavastehus on 29 Jan 1776; she was 5.

89. Märtha Margareta Lundberg. Born on 5 Nov 1774 in Hämeenlinna/Tavastehus. Märtha Margareta died in Hämeenlinna/Tavastehus on 28 Mar 1790; she was 15.

Communionbook 1773 - 1778. Lunbergfamily with Märtha Greta.

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