Bror Magnus Federley (1798-1858), who was great-grandson of Anton Federley and thus belonged to the fourth generation, moved in the 1820's from the town of Viborg (Vyborg) to Pyhäjärvi in the Viborg province where he settled down. Settlement in the Pyhäjärvi parish comprised a number of small villages around the lake ('järvi') from which the place got its name.

Bror Magnus had eight children and thus was the founder of the highly viable branch of the Federley family in Pyhäjärvi. This branch, however, dispersed, somewhat more than one hundred years later, over various parts of Finland, Sweden and other places around the world when Finland after the peace conclusion in 1944 was forced to cede Carelia to the then existing Soviet Union.

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Born in Pyhäjärvi